Minute Madness aka Twitter Madness. #ECDL 2009

This was the “Minute Madness” session, ran on Monday. Everyone had 1 minute to present his poster. I tweeted everything. 1 poster, 1 tweet.
#ecdl2009 Ok, Minute Madness. Everyone has 1 minute to speak. Here we go. I’ll try 1 tweet per each ;-).

#ecdl2009 Gateway to knowledge in DL. Knowledge building. Taggin tool.

#ecdl2009 Conceptual Discovery of Educational Resources through Learning Objectives. Semantic Web. Knowledge maps. Personal.

#ecdl2009 Data Recovery from Distributed Archives. Recovery after disaster, Provide means to organise files. Utilising context of objects.

#ecdl2009 Swedish school of LIS. Developing a DL master program (?? Like DILL ;-))

#ecdl2009 Digital preservation and Audio Heritage. Case study. photos of Ghosts + Alignment.

#ecdl2009 Gaining Access to decentralised something. Using Mobile phones. search for docs and get bus schedules. Integration of services.

#ecdl2009 Improving Annotations in Digital Documents. Wherea re annotations positioned?

#ecdl2009 Improving IR algorithm. Dynamic History Algorithm. Ultra-peer.

#ecdl2009 JSTOR. Data for Research. Discover. Visualize. Download. API. Completely free (really?!?)

#ecdl2009 Organizing learning objects for personalizing eLearning services. Problem of “one-size-fits-all”. Visual, kinesthetic, auditory.

#ecdl2009 Library of Congress. Digital preservation. Software platform. Born digital content. Acccess. Connecting. Creating. Community.

#ecdl2009 Searching archival finding aids: retrieval in Original Order? IR in DL. System evaluation.

#ecdl2009 Searching in a book. Book interface, but the content is digital.

#ecdl2009 Security iRODS Metadata Catalog for Digital Preservation. He speaks Portoguese!!

#ecdl2009 SyGAR Synthetic Data Generator for Evaluating Name Disambiguation Methods. Don’t understand.

#ecdl2009 iSCmap. Don’t understand.

#ecdl2009 Planets. Infrastructure for Digital preservation Acts. Interoperability. Formats. Migration. Preservation tools.

#ecdl2009 Thematic DL at University of Porto. Food & Nutrition. Fine Arts DL. Archive. Pics.

#ecdl2009 Workflow of a Digital mathematical Library. (coool!) math OCR. Migration. Coordination of librarians, tekkies, mathematicians.

#ecdl2009 Workspace narrative exploration. Problem of interruptions during digital workflow. Solution. History.

#ecdl2009 Visualization. Cool presentation. Feedback mechanism. To see!

#ecdl2009 Web-based Demo to Interactive something. Interactive Multimodal Transcription. Manuscript. User and system collaborate.

#ecdl2009 Tessella. Archive preservation. Safety Deposity Box: Active preservation.

#ecdl2009 ResCarta Foundation. Creating software for DL. For free. Coool!

#ecdl2009 DL of ancient manuscripts of Federico De Roberto. Data grid. iTunes.

#ecdl2009 InfoLitGlobal DL – New landscapes for Lifelong learning? New Information Literacy resource directory

#ecdl2009 Digital Mechanism and Gear Library. Mutimedia collection of texts, pics, physical models.

#ecdl2009 Geographic Information Retrieval. Google Earth. Map. ISTC database.

#ecdl2009 GROBID. Scholar articles. BibTeX. Term extraction. Controlled Terminology.

#ecdl2009 Hoppla – Digital preservation support for small institutions. Preservation solution. Archiving.

#ecdl2009 Metadata Schema Registry. (IEMSR). Schema (??)

#ecdl2009 User Interfaces for Querying in 3D architectural content. PROBADO3D. User interfaces. Repository.

#ecdl2009 REPOX framework for metadata interchange. XML. Metadata. OAI-PMH-

#ecdl2009 User interface for a geo-temporal search service. (???????!!??!)

#ecdl2009 Minute madness finished. Sorry for flooding ;-)

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Digital librarian, former president of Wikimedia Italia.


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